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  • Released to the public 20 years ago, Viagra changed the way Americans have sex—and the way they talk about it. In April of 2000, Christopher Walken hosted Saturday Night Live. During the show, he would insist that Will Ferrell add “more cowbell” to Blue Oyster Cult’s rendition of “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper”; before that, though, he made an appearance in one of SNL’s satirical ads. Clad in a lemon-yellow sweater and perched next to Ana Gasteyer before a roaring fire—and speaking in a classically Walkenian growl—the actor engaged in a bit of confession: “In a marriage,” he intoned, the fire crackling behind him, “intimacy is important. Erectile dysfunction is a thief. It takes away something very precious.” Walken went on to announce that he and his fictional wife had discovered, together, the virtues of Viagra. “It worked,” he said, as Gasteyer smirked and the fire crackled and easy listening music played in the background. He paused. “It worked a lot.”  
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