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An Entity of Type : owl:DatatypeProperty, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

Name of a table or view

  • tableOwner
  • Name of a table or view
  • Schema-qualified name of a table or view.
  • Associates a SQL-RDBMS Table's local name with an RDF-Sentence Transformation Mapping. Given a Table identified by the native identifier csv.dba.organization, this property is about identifying 'orgnaization' part of the table name for use in the mapping.
described by
  • select ?lt, ("Warning") as ?severity, (if (bif:isnotnull (sql:R2RML_MAIN_KEY_EXISTS (?ts, ?to, ?tn, 1)), bif:concat ("rr:tableName refers to ", sql:R2RML_MAIN_KEY_EXISTS (?ts, ?to, ?tn, 1), " as to ", bif:sprintf ("%s.%s.%s", bif:coalesce (?to, "DB"), bif:coalesce (?ts, "DBA"), ?tn), ", i.e., using wrong character case; adjust the R2RML or the table before generating an RDF View" ), "rr:tableName refers to table that does not exist; adjust the R2RML or create the table before generating an RDF View" ) ) as ?message where { ?lt rr:tableName ?tn . OPTIONAL { ?lt rr:tableOwner ?to } OPTIONAL { ?lt rr:tableSchema ?ts } filter (bif:isnull (sql:R2RML_MAIN_KEY_EXISTS (?ts, ?to, ?tn, 0))) }
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