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An Entity of Type : skos:Concept, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

described by
  • The process of navigating entity relationship graphs (represented as RDF Language Statement collections) via relationship types (relations). For example, given the collection of statements/sentences: <#this> <#relatedTo> <#that> . <#this> <#knows> <#that> . <#relatedTo> rdf:type rdf:Property . <#knows> rdf:type rdf:Property . You have relations: <#relatedTo> (connecting <#this> with <#that>), <#knows> (connecting <#this> with <#that>), and rdf:type (connecting <#relatedTo> and rdf:Property; <#knows> and rdf:Property). Faceted exploration/navigation enables us of these relations (and aggregates on the relation membership [all subjects and objects connected by each relation/predicate] ) to drive discovery of the descriptions of <#this>, <#that>, <#relatedTo>, <#know>, rdf:type, or anything other related entity . In simpler terms, Faceted Browsing is about using attributes of entity description collections to drive entity discovery. This kind of browsing also benefits from the ability to leverage relationship type semantics as part of the exploration/navigation process.
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